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REAL TECHNIQUES STICK And Store collection

These stick on pouches keep makeup brushes and accessories within arms reach. Silicone is an amazing material. When it has the perfect formula and a polished surface, it will stick to glossy surfaces without an adhesive. This allows these handy pouches to cling to a mirror or tile and be moved around over and over and not lose their stick. 

The set includes a brush drying rack, makeup sponge holder, a small pouch, and a large pouch for storing an array of makeup brushes and cosmetics. It comes in a marbled finish to be at home in a variety of bathroom and vanity spaces.  

THE Brief

The functionality of the existing stick on pouch was excellent. This specific formula and surface finish of silicone sticks to mirrors without any adhesive. The functionality was great but the design was outdated and stood out too much in the users bathroom.  The brief was to redesign a pouch for Real Techniques that compliments the brushes that has a more elevated and trendy look.

We also wanted to add a couple additions to the line of organizers including a drying rack and a sponge holder. 


I started with the technical. I catalogued the diameter of every Real Techniques brush and learned the material capabilites of the silicone to calculate how much surface area was needed to secure the pouch to the wall.


The technical research was important but the key to this project was designing a product that users would actually want on display in their bathroom. That's where trend research came in. This was just at the start of the marbleize trend which is perfect for bathrooms.

Trend Research Board


Rather that the usual sketching round, the form exploration for this project was done in illustrator. I had some very specific problems to solve and needed exact dimensions to figure out a solution. 

My goal was to:

- design the pouches as a grid so that the user could customize her configuration for her needs

- move away from the organic original form and try to mimic the straight and minimal design of the Real Technique's new brushes

- base the design off the dimensions and silhouette of the brushes so they would fit in the pouch

- calculate the surface area needed for the pouch to stick to the mirror based on the weight of the brushes

- implement a rounded bottom for the pouch so it was easier to eject from a mold

- add holes for any liquid to drain

The solution I found was minimal and clean. Once I solved the grid in illustrator, I brought them into Solidworks to individually CAD model. 

Illustrator Renderings:

Keyshot renderings:​


I 3D printed the parts in house to test the size and fit of the brushes. This was especially important in testing the sizing of the drying rack. 


After confirming that the factory could achieve a marbled effect, we worked closely with them to nail down the mix of grey and white. We approved a standard color and marbleized effect and worked through rounds of variance boards. 

variance board small.png

Prior to production, I created Design Intent Specifications (DIs) to communicate the design with the manufacturer. These sheets outline materials, finishes, and dimensions. Every pertinent specification is included to ensure a quality final product with no errors. 

The DIs for this project are a trade secret of Paris Present's Incorporated. If you would like to see an example of a DI, see my Real Techniques Redesign project. 


Brush pouches: We designed 2 accessory pouches that are perfect for storing makeup brushes, tweezers, mascara, and other cosmetics. One pouch is narrow; the other is wide and has 3 inner divided compartments. 

Drying rack: The flexibility of this product means you can fit an array of different brush sizes into the slots to dry upside down. Drying a brush upside down maintains the integrity of the glue in the base of the hair and makes the brush last longer. 

Mini Pouch: The smallest pouch is perfect for holding Real Technique's cult favorite makeup sponge. It is also handy for q-tips and small items like scrunchies. 

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